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Afraid of public speaking? Why?

Afraid of public speaking? Why? People are apparently more afraid of public speaking than death itself. This led Jerry Seinfeld to comment that some folk would prefer to be IN the casket than giving the eulogy. So why are we…
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ffolliet is in the audience

I know it’s a compliment but it is also a slight sadness when people comment that they are anxious about presenting because “ffolliet is in the audience”. I’m humbled to be a touchstone for presentations for some but it does…
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Last minute tips

last minute tips

So, The Greatest Presentation in Your World #gpitw is constructed, practised, duplicated and ready to go but still the good presenter is looking for last minute tips just to make it truly awesome. What can be achieved in the short period between…
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Version 1 is never the best

version 1

Version 1 of your presentation is never the best version. Most presenters, given the opportunity to revisit a presentation for another audience, make changes and deliver an improved version 2. Yet few make similar changes to version 1 before its…
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Was that any good?

When most presenters step from the stage their main feeling is relief, relief at having finished, relief at having survived, relief at having not failed. The real question though about the presentation should be, was that any good? Determining how…
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This is how not to do it

sean spicer

The White House Press Spokesman Sean Spicer is, sadly, not a good example of how to perform in public. Under the glare of the world’s press his performance as well as the information he delivers is scrutinised. His most recent…
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On pink elephants

pink elephants

The mind is a very strange thing and sadly it doesn’t always respond in the way we would like it to. Here is simple example. Close you eyes and do NOT think about pink elephants. It’s like that with body…
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You don’t need a script

don't need a script

You don’t need a script to give a great presentation. Many people use a script and that significantly impairs their delivery. Many people feel they need a script and that impairs their delivery. A script is for preparation and rehearsal…
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Don’t look at the screen

don't look at the screen

The screen is for the audience, not for the presenter. A presenter staring at the screen will cause the audience to do the same, their speech is potentially muted and in combination this will lose the engagement of the audience. The reasons a…
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Plug and go (2)

plug and go

“I’m sorry, I don’t know. John usually sorts that. He’s not here today.” And that was where the trouble really began… At most presentations the speaker arrives, checks in with John in IT and everything works beautifully from there. (Pro…
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