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At work I'm a Consultant Paediatric Surgeon. That involves Surgical Oncology, Neonatal Surgery and Trauma. There's also a lot of teaching and mentoring. None of this actually makes me particularly clever. I'm pretty heavily into improving presentations and long for the world to lay down the weapon of bulletpoints and embrace creative and engaging presentations. I lead presentation workshops and am currently working up a book on presentations. I did a wee thing at TEDx Stuttgart in 2014 of which I'm quite proud Outside all of that I struggle to keep fit, cycle a bit and the odd triathlon. I'm a father, singer, laugher, learner, sharer, blogger, thinker, strummer and much more.


It’s an important meeting I have lots of facts to deliver I didn’t have time People expect it It’s my script I need it for confidence I can print it off as a handout I don’t care I think it…
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What sort of presenter are you?

One of the tests of a descriptive model such as the p cubed concept (p3) (that a good presentation is a combination (the product) of the story (p1), the supportive media (p2) and the delivery (p3)) is that it bears…
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Changing your slides won’t improve your presentation. (much)

Too often I hear people say, “I really liked your presentation, I’m going to change my slides.” Whilst on one level I rejoice, it is not that bulletpoints themselves offend but there is so much more than just that.Our presentations,…
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Tweet me your presentation @ffolliet

The point of a presentation is not a massive download of fact but transmission of an idea, a hope, a concept, inspiration or purpose. This is the intrinsic flaw in the approach of many to a “presentation.” Facts in themselves…
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Guns don’t kill… bulletpoints do.

Tedious slide after tedious slide, read out almost verbatim with accompanying data slides that are too complex, don’t project well and are impossible to understand. There’s a random cartoon culled from somewhere but we can’t read it because it’s distorted…
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Painting with words

She looked into my eyes, begging, imploring me. She had walked in obviously frightened. She was desperate. We both knew the only question she was wanted¬†me to answer: it had all been building up to this, unspoken and yet explicit….
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There is a better way- beyond just powerpoint.

Our third guest post  comes from a wonderful, humble woman Kate Granger who shares her wisdom thru’ @GrangerKate on a hourly basis and at http://theothersidestory on a weekly basis. She gives great presentations too I hear! Over a coffee a…
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One word for Prezi.

one word for prezi

No. ¬† I know it’s non linear. I know it is like mind mapping. I know it allows spontaneity in approach. I know it’s “different”. I know it doesn’t have bulletpoints on the template. I know you can zoom in…
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