p cubed

A presentation is made of three component parts; the story (p1), the supportive media (p2) and the delivery of these (p3). The value of a presentation is the product of these three factors, the p cubed value.

The three components are discussed in more depth in their individual sections. This section deals with the p cubed value, the product of preparation, design, and delivery.

Some key posts include:

Your presentation is the product of its parts (The FIRST blog post)

The maths of a better presentation

Don’t put the cart before the horse

The p cubed value of a presentation

It’s not about making pretty slides

The purpose of a great presentation is to engage the audience and give them something they didn’t have at the beginning of the talk. It may be a challenge, a call to arms, a new concept or a stimulus to…
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This is all your fault.

It’s conference season once again and I’ve had my vaccination booster. Sadly it will be wall to wall text dense slides, with little structure or purpose, read outloud in a terrified monotone to an audience who expect nothing more. And…
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Delete your slides

I received a question via Twitter about #presentationskills and where I might focus beginning the journey of improvement. As with so many things, the more I considered the issue the deeper the answer became. I think a good place to…
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Design affects function

Simple design changes in the supportive media  make dramatic differences to the audience’s perception of value in a presentation. The overall value of a presentation (p cubed) is the product of the story (p1) x the supportive media (p2) x…
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My boss won’t like it.

“I would love to change presentation style but my boss won’t like it,” is a familiar lament heard when considering improving presentations.This resistance may be perceived, explicit, limited or simply an expression of the presenter’s own reluctance to embrace change….
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It’s a presentation not a…

Take your phone out and have a look at it. You could use it to hammer in a nail. You could use it as a coaster for a hot coffee cup. You could pop it under a wobbly table leg…
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Speaking in public terrifies me. Help?

For many, the hardest thing about giving a presentation is just that, giving the presentation. The p cubed approach recognises that great delivery (p3) of the presentation is essential and as such it is important to deal with the issue…
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That’s not how you spell prezentation


The original website for this blog was at Blogger and the blog url was : preZENtationskills. This is in tribute to my Sensei, Garr Reynolds and his seminal blogsite Presentation Zen. His first post there was ten years ago and…
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Presentations fail because science

There is a feeling that this improved approach to presentation is principally about style. No, it is principally about science. The reason that the majority of presentations fail is because, by their construction and delivery, they break well established scientific…
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The practice of presentations.

The 5th P in Presentation is for Practice. It is, of course, the most important. The astute or grammarians amongst you will have noticed that this is the noun version of the word, not the verb. The practice of presentations…
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