The supportive media (p2) is everything that adds to the story (p1) in its delivery(p3) whether as a presentation or visual aids. If you have visited the site looking for tips on using powerpoint, you will be disappointed. The discussion is around design concepts, use of text in slides, images and data slides used to illustrate and support the message. It is the least important part of a presentation and some presentations may even be better without slides! Most importantly, the .ppt file is not your presentation.

Cornerstone posts include.

purpose of the p2

basic type choices

when to construct the p2

design matters

Your “powerpoint” is not the message, it supports the message.

I did a little talk in late November 2013 at TEDx Stuttgart. I am hoping to write a few posts around the construction and delivery of the whole thing but it is pertinent once again to highlight the role of…
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@ffolliet would be proud…(2)

More pride as more friends and colleagues make better and better presentations and suggest that I am at least partly catalytic in the process. I do keep encouraging them that it is their own decision to make the move towards…
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To corporate or not co-operate?

There is little that depresses me more at a meeting than a poor presentation, save for a poor presentation awash with corporate logos. The (poor) argument for their use on every slide runs something along the lines of making it clear to…
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You’re boring me.

Seriously, I’ve heard this all before. You need a presentation on your cv/portfolio. You’ve asked the boss who said, “please review my last x cases of” something not very interesting. You’ve managed to find x-y and, after subtracting z because…
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Supportive Media (p2)

In the classification I have developed as part of the thinking about presentations I have detailed the “PowerPoint” as p2, supportive media. The inference is clear that this neither represents the totality of the presentation as so frequently happens but…
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@ffolliet would be proud… (1)

I’m touched that I have become a touchstone for presentation matters amongst a fair number of twitter followers. It is encouraging to have people send me their latest presentation and ask for my opinion before they deliver it. Or to…
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Say what you see?

The supporting media (p2) of a presentation should augment and illustrate the story. It’s not just about pretty pictures. (and it’s NOT about clip art either, but you knew that.) The design of your supporting media should add function to…
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PechaKucha :Twenty, 20 sec tips.

I recently had the opportunity to present at a PechaKucha event. The word itself means “chitchat” in Japanese and is a presentation format with a strict structure; twenty slides, each moving forward automatically after twenty seconds. I thought I would…
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This applies to your story (p1)This applies to your supporting media (p2)This applies to your delivery (p3)If you consider the arc of the story first (please do) then instead of attempting to deliver all known facts, consider the audience and…
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Pies are for eating.

This is a pie chart.   This a terrible way of showing the difference between the voting in Iowa and Utah. Quick clue, it’s the bluey one and the dark green one Seriously, there are MUCH better ways of displaying…
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