The supportive media (p2) is everything that adds to the story (p1) in its delivery(p3) whether as a presentation or visual aids. If you have visited the site looking for tips on using powerpoint, you will be disappointed. The discussion is around design concepts, use of text in slides, images and data slides used to illustrate and support the message. It is the least important part of a presentation and some presentations may even be better without slides! Most importantly, the .ppt file is not your presentation.

Cornerstone posts include.

purpose of the p2

basic type choices

when to construct the p2

design matters

Herding chickens

The major drawback of text on screen is that the audience cannot help but read it. Mountain View Ca. They are hypnotised like a chicken. It is important in construction of p2 (the supportive media) to remember that one’s audience,…
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Do not use this.

Fontography 102. The font that you chose to use in your presentation “says” something about you. It is essential that you consider this in design of p2. Clearly there are nuances that take hipster beards, kopi luwak coffee and ironic…
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Fontography 101

People can get very excited about fonts but most people just haven’t a clue. A good font can change the look of your presentation dramatically, both for the best and for the worst. Rather than get worried over the complexities…
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What sort of a presenter are you?

The quality of a presentation is the product of the three basic components of p cubed : p1 story, p2 supportive media and p3 performance. It is proposed that a presenter themself might be classified according to the predominant component…
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Don’t get me wrong.

The reason that most text based presentations suck is because science. It would be wrong to assume that this means text is banned from presentations, far from it. It is totally acceptable to use text in the supportive media (p2)….
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It’s not a comic

The scientific evidence is clear that text on a screen is ineffectual and distracting. Images are perfect for supporting the message of the story. The temptation for speakers is then to attempt to illustrate every single step and detail in…
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Dirty secrets on your usb stick

I’ve been to a few presentations recently where the presenters have gone on stage to upload their presentation to the podium laptop. They innocently pop in their usb stick (or connect their mac) and the full stick is displayed on…
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Presentations fail because science (2)

Presentations as they are routinely delivered fail because they break well established scientific principles.There are numerous studies that have compared student responses to a lecture given with identical audio tracks (p1) but comparing the standard “powerpoint” slides full of text…
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One Hundred Posts!

Way back in March 2013 I published my first post on this blog site; “Your presentation is the product of its parts.” In it I discussed the p cubed concept that the best presentations are made up of a good…
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The 5 Ps of Presentation

In order to improve the value of a presentation one must construct an excellent story (p1), design appropriate and supportive media (p2) but ultimately all of this will come to naught if you fail to deliver it (p3). For many,…
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