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Data slides (3)

image superiority

Data slides must be easily interpreted, memorable and clear. They will support the message, not distract, cannot be taken directly from a scientific document and are best if their theme, font colour fit with the other slides in the presentation.This…
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Data slides (2)

data slide 3

In the previous post on data slides it was highlighted that “Data slides must be easily interpreted, memorable and clear. Few are. Most could be improved.” A data slide in a presentation cannot merely a representation of a table from the scientific…
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data slides (1)

data slide fail

Data slides fail in a good scientific presentation if simply copied directly from the scientific paper. A graphic representation is more easy to interpret and remember than many words either spoken or written. Or more succinctly,  “Use a picture. It’s…
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Your (data) slides suck.

I have previously commented, perhaps too obliquely, on the poor nature of data slides. Trying to be reasonable however, the presenter who simply puts all their text directly onto powerpoint is going to do exactly the same with all their…
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Fewer slides in the online environment

Fewer slides in the online environment will lead to more engagement, less distraction and a more valued presentation. The supportive media in online presentations is a particular challenge due to multiple factors, many of which are outwith the control of…
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Tell me your data

Tell me your data so that I can understand your message. Any presentation, whether that is a scientific conference, a government briefing or a business plan relies on the data to support the single identifiable and memorable message. A graphical…
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p2 is not just slides

not just slides

p2 is not just slides. a great presentation is the product of the story (p1), the supportive media (p2) and the delivery (p3). The p2 need not just be slides. Consider anything that will add to the message. Remember the…
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On sharing slides

slide sharing

The recent podcast started the discussion around sharing slides. I felt it would be helpful to expand upon some of the ideas in written format. All of this was sparked by a discussion from this tweet and the subsequent discussion….
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Busy slides

busy slides

“Busy slides” happen for many reasons; the script, something to read, the handout , what everyone does, “because of learning styles”, ”academic” and because it is quick and easy. They are not effective, they limit the message, they are not…
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On generic slides

generic slides

Generic slides are designed so that “anyone can give the same presentation and everyone receive the same information.” Few great presentations are given using generic slidesand many good presentations are made worse using generic slides. Education is not simply about…
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