The supportive media (p2) is everything that adds to the story (p1) in its delivery(p3) whether as a presentation or visual aids. If you have visited the site looking for tips on using powerpoint, you will be disappointed. The discussion is around design concepts, use of text in slides, images and data slides used to illustrate and support the message. It is the least important part of a presentation and some presentations may even be better without slides! Most importantly, the .ppt file is not your presentation.

Cornerstone posts include.

purpose of the p2

basic type choices

when to construct the p2

design matters

Ok, hands up who DIDN’T fall for it?

The last blogpost was written and published 2 days ago. On the 1st of the month. On the 1st day in April… I know some folk view me as some sort of leader in presentation thought (for which I thank…
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Design- going retro is hip.

Slide design (p2) changes with time. Consider today and what is regarded as the norm for a slide and then consider how “Presenter” (powerpoint) started back before the Internet. At times design throws us back to a time when things…
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A red rectangle doesn’t make things clearer

A bad data slide is not made better by adding a red rectangle. It appears to be the latest fashion in presentations. Clearly some folk have “found” the animation function but the reality is that simply using a red rectangle…
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On speaking to a wider audience. Don’t.

The message you deliver at a presentation may physically only be received by a few people but one should consider that it has value for a much wider audience. A research discovery, a new business plan or an effective audit…
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Design nightmare

Designers are clever folk and too often abused. I mean look at this from Critical Care Conference 2016. Imagine the time and effort and skill that has gone into this? It’s bright and dynamic and through the complexity some structure…
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On flow charts. Don’t.

No, just no.Life isn’t like that. It doesn’t just flow. It doesn’t “bring your presentation to life”. Things aren’t equal. Turning your head on the side to read things isn’t cool. Colour means things to people. Life is not a…
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This is a document. I am reading it. Out.

If you turn on the radio, you can tell immediately whether the piece is a news broadcast or an interview or the presenter speaking directly to you. The reason is that we speak differently to the way we write. One…
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The best title slide blogpost, ever (ii)

How does one arrive at a great title for a great title slide? With difficulty. It is the culmination of consideration of the audience needs, the “so what” of your data, the storyboard, the elevator pitch and the sparklines within…
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The best title slide blogpost, ever (i)

The title of your presentation must stimulate interest even before you start speaking. If the title slide is full of words and useless information it is likely you will have lost the audience at that point. A great presentation has…
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This is the title of the blogpost.

It is always interesting to have questions from twitter. Thanks to Cian O’Brien for this one. @ffolliet any tips for title slide of a presentation? — Cian O’Brien (@CianSOBrien) January 17, 2016 The title of many presentations simply represents a…
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