What is the best presentation software?

What is the best presentation software? There’s a fair number to chose from and realistically the answer is, the one you know best. There are pros and cons for each that are available but there is no need for the vast majority of presenters to consider changing software in an attempt to improve their presentation. The best presentation software is the one you are currently using.

best presentation softwareIn presentation geek circles (such things do exist!) this isn’t actually a hot topic of debate. There are very few (non commercial) presenters who are looking for the Next Big Thing in presentation software for one simple reason. As Lance Armstrong says, “It’s not about the bike,” it’s about the presentation.The search for Something Different was what lead to Prezi, which has its own disciples who I’m sure give great presentations but my feelings on Prezi are clear. The supportive media (p2) supports the story (p1) in its delivery (p3) so there should be little required of a software that your current tool does not already provide.  It is not about the software.

The value in learning more about your current tool is clear. Remember of course the 90:10 rule: 90% of users use 10% of the software capabilities, probably less. Delving a little deeper behind the basic template and fonts to discover things that would add to the presentation is useful but be sensible. The value in change is often only change itself rather than an improved value to the audience. Rather than looking for opportunities to use some gimmick, approach the presentation by considering exactly what you want each slide to say and is there a more interesting way in doing so.

The current presentation programmes will allow you to deliver an amazing presentation. Get to know the capabilities as well as you can. Don’t worry that out there, somewhere, is something that will help you give an amazing presentation. It is you that will do that, not a software programme.

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  1. Kate Jurd

    I agree ! I think as educators we tend to become too obsessed on the tools, i.e. the software or the technology, believing it will make the difference. Even then if you use the most sophisticated tool, but don’t have the knowledge or skills on how to use it, and don’t apply the basic principles in presentation design your presentation will fail..like the majority of prezi presentations..I haven’t yet read your views on prezi, but if they are anything like mine, people using it have got so distracted with its features . The presentations end up focusing on what the software can do and not on the message and its design..so the audience end up on a giddy roller coaster. I’ve only ever seen one or two professional looking prezi presentations, they were excellent, hardly even noticed that it was prezi, bot the message, the story, the visuals and how they delivered this was what made it an awesome presentation. Prezi has been misused just like PowerPoint. Pp presenters have not got passed the bullet point feature, they haven’t explored the true capabilities of the product..it can do far more than what we are currently seeing in presentations today. I use it as a basis for developing online content and it can be very effective in creating engaging content. This is important as online you loose the Personal delivery..ie the physical presence. (But there are tricks to compensate this but that’s another story and not relevant to presenting in the flesh) so my overall take on software.. So similar to P3, concentrate firstly by preparing your story, selecting the media that will best represent your ideas then use the capabilities of the software to present and display your message effectively.. Keep it simple, not fancy.


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