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Top 10 tips

A recent tweet from a colleague Edd Broad asked me for my top 10 tips on giving presentations to a large group. Being a man of a certain age, a certain musical upbringing and a certain literary experience, top 10s…
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Speak Chinese

Approximately 13% of the world speak Chinese. That does not mean you should deliver your presentation in Mandarin to the Yorkshire Paediatric Trainees Annual Scientific Meeting. There is no single way to present, not even p cubed presentation style. We…
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busy slide

busy slide

“I’m sorry for this busy slide, let me talk you through it.”  Never be tempted to use a busy slide by either attempting to explain it or by building it piecemeal or worse seeking forgiveness. A busy slide will distract…
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guest blog- losing bulletpoints helped me find my voice

losing bulletpoints

Thank you to Carrie Thomas for her insights and thoughts on her #presentationskills journey   There are key moments of feedback that stick with you and can be practise changing. For presenting, my development journey started back in 2015 with…
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a p cubed presenter

p cubed presenter

A p cubed presenter* is surely the aspiration of any presenter; a presenter who has constructed a story with an effective message, illustrated it with media that supports and amplifies their message and supremely delivered with passion, engagement and clarity….
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Take home message

take home message

A take home message can only be one item. We cannot remember more than three new items and most people at a presentation are not actively trying to memorise things. So even three is too many. The latest fashion of…
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The Matrix

the matrix

The Matrix is a 1999 science fiction film in which humans experience a world that is not real. Morpheus explains to Neo that his perception of the world is computer simulated and the true world is The Matrix. He explains…
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only one way to present?

one way

A recent interchange on twitter was sullied by one commenter using the phrase “presentation gestapo”. This abuse was intended to express their disapproval of people who express an opinion on twitter about presentations, an opinion which runs contrary to theirs….
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No caption required

no caption required

In a scientific article an illustration or a figure is accompanied by a caption. There is no caption required in a presentation. Images should exist by themselves without a complex description. Conversely a slide and in fact the whole of…
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What should I do watching a bad presentation?

bad presentation

What should I do watching a bad presentation? Sadly, with the desire to improve one’s presentations comes the realisation of how poor many presentations really are. With the connection that Twitter brings and the ability to receive wisdom from conferences far…
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