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Presentation Ninja tips.

I thought it might be nice to try and generate some more interaction on this blogsite so what I would like is for folks to add in the comments section below some presentation nija tips. Share those little thoughts that…
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Trees, not chains.

Organising knowledge requires a conceptual tree of information, not a chain.The structure of a concept is complex, not linear. Presenting knowledge in a linear fashion limits the ability of an audience to process this structure and therefore limits understanding. Linkage…
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Illustrate, don’t annotate.

The route to a better presentation has been detailed in many previous blog posts. If I could give you only one tip to improve your next presentation it would be in considering your p2, the supportive media. Illustrate, don’t annotate….
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So what.

so what

The purpose of your presentation is to turn the “what” of your information into the “so what” of your message (p1). Sadly, most presentations leave the audience adding a question mark to that sentence. Information in and of itself may…
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