Light sabres are for Jedi Knights only.

There is no place for a light sabre in presentations, unless you are a Jedi Knight. The laser pointer is not to be used, ever. (And if I find you using the mouse and arrow, then there will be serious trouble.)

“Ah but,” replies the earnest padwan, “what if I have really complicated slide and I am trying to lead people through it? Surely I should use a light sabre then?” No. Improve your slide.

“What about highlighting a key word?” No. Improve your slide.

“How do I get the audience to look at something specific on the screen?” Use The Force. 

Using Jedi mind tricks we can control the audience. Concentrate on the audience, extend the hand that is nearest to the screen and remain facing the audience. Watch as they are unable to look anywhere but the screen whilst you highlight your point. Drop your hand and the spell is broken, they will look back to you. “These are not the droids you are looking for.”

There is no place for a light sabre in presentations, even if you are a Jedi Knight.

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