Presentation skills are not intrinsic.

“The liver transplant patient needs you to take consent.”

“There’s a neonatal cardiac patient collapsing in ED.”

“The Oncology clinic are waiting for you.”

“Could you just review this tumour biopsy?”

“Labour ward called, the eclamptic mother is in trouble.”

“Trauma call: RTA, 3 adults, one ejected from vehicle. ETA 10 minutes”

“Chap in the waiting room is here for the results of that letter the hospital sent you.”

“The relatives of Mrs Jones have arrived to talk about her LOTA.”

“What should we do about this Measles outbreak in the local primary school?”

“Could you just do a presentation to The Hospital Grand Round?”

None of those skills were learnt purely by copying other people. Simply being in your job doesn’t train you to deliver an adequate response to any of those comments. The first time you did those skills, was it the best? Presentation skills need to be taught, learned and developed, just like every other.

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