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Top 10 tips

A recent tweet from a colleague Edd Broad asked me for my top 10 tips on giving presentations to a large group. Being a man of a certain age, a certain musical upbringing and a certain literary experience, top 10s…
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What is wrong with presentations?

What is wrong with presentations? Presentations as they are currently delivered, fail. There is little debate on the matter. Empirical research in communication suffers from many confounding factors and becomes almost impossible to generalise. Reflection highlights, embarrassingly, the fact though…
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Comic sans

Comic sans is one of the most used and also most hated fonts in the world. It was created in 1994 by Vincent Connare to be used in a comic. It was designed to be friendly and playful and to…
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Copying is a compliment

Copying is a compliment whether in art, fashion or presentation skills. Noticing the impact or effect that something has and then utilising it personally is part of life and should definitely be part of the development of a presenter. This…
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Speak Chinese

Approximately 13% of the world speak Chinese. That does not mean you should deliver your presentation in Mandarin to the Yorkshire Paediatric Trainees Annual Scientific Meeting. There is no single way to present, not even p cubed presentation style. We…
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Summary slides

spaced repetition

Summary slides are the latest fashion. Variously titled “Take home messages”, “conclusions” and “summary” they are increasing in use and sadly in number during presentations. They are the message the presenter wants the audience to take home and they conclude…
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Message not story

Message not story is the basis of a good presentation. We must communicate effectively with our audience and leave them with a message regarding the information delivered not simply a story about it or, even worse, a list of facts….
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What is p cubed presentation style?

What is p cubed presentation style? A radical approach to presentations, based in science that aspires to help presenters everywhere deliver effective presentations, engage with their audiences and share insights, inspiration and ideas so that they are retained rather than…
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the five p’s of presentation

five peas

The five p’s of presentation are planning, preparation, consistency, practise and performance. An understanding of the place and importance of each of the 5 p’s of presentation will transform any piece from just being one of the many average presentations…
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structure helps


Structure helps both the presenter and the audience. It underpins the message, the media and the delivery. Structure is essential. Without structure a presentation is challenging to deliver, seldom has impact and is easily forgotten; the value will be lost,…
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