Possibly the least focussed upon part of preparation of a presentation is the practise undertaken prior to its delivery. As therapy for stage fright, script development, pacing, timing and delivery it is an essential part of p3.

On the tenth day of Christmas…

On the tenth day of Christmas… …my true love gave to me ten presentation practises. On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me ten presentation practises. The delivery of a presentation (p3) is an essential factor…
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Running over time

running over time

Running over time in a presentation is unforgivable. There is no presentation ever that has been made better by going longer. Worse it steals time from the audience and potentially from following speakers as organisers struggle to maintain their schedules….
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Afraid of public speaking? Why?

Afraid of public speaking? Why? People are apparently more afraid of public speaking than death itself. This led Jerry Seinfeld to comment that some folk would prefer to be IN the casket than giving the eulogy. So why are we…
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Version 1 is never the best

version 1

Version 1 of your presentation is never the best version. Most presenters, given the opportunity to revisit a presentation for another audience, make changes and deliver an improved version 2. Yet few make similar changes to version 1 before its…
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The maths of presentations, preparations and time

The value of a presentation, in the view of the audience, is down to maths: the product of the story (p1), the supportive media (p2) and its delivery (p3). What does the other side of the equation hold, the side…
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Feel better, not more

For some presenters, there is a striving after perfection that drives them to constantly tinker with presentations before delivery. No presentation will ever be perfect; there is always space for improvement. The important view is not from the stage but…
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Never, ever, ever, ever

Never, ever, ever, ever overrun. Ever. Aim for 75% of your allotted time, make sure your practise delivers that and ensure you have a means of monitoring your performance on the day. No presentation is made better by going on longer,…
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Which part of your preparation took the most time?

A great presentation takes time. None of them fall from the heavens perfectly constructed and no great presenter steps on the stage having just written their piece last night. So which part of preparation took the most time in your…
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This is a document. I am reading it. Out.

If you turn on the radio, you can tell immediately whether the piece is a news broadcast or an interview or the presenter speaking directly to you. The reason is that we speak differently to the way we write. One…
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Your best presentation will not be on the stage

In the very best version of your presentation, the story will flow with an easy eloquence, the supportive media will add only √©lan to a piece delivered with passion, nuance and precision. You will know that it was excellent. It…
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