Your best presentation will not be on the stage

In the very best version of your presentation, the story will flow with an easy eloquence, the supportive media will add only élan to a piece delivered with passion, nuance and precision. You will know that it was excellent. It is probable your cat will agree as she will be the only one there. When you step on the big stage you need to recognise you will never be as good as your best practise session.

No one can prevent the decay on The Big Day but one can set the level from which it occurs by effective preparation and practise. The sigmoid curve of presentations suggests that the better the preparation, the less the perceived drop. There are a multitude of factors that bring about this drop but it’s important not to expect that adrenaline will see you through or hoping it will be alright on the night. Practise is what brings a great presentation. Of course those who don’t practise won’t see any drop in value. The cat won’t notice either.

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