p cubed

A presentation is made of three component parts; the story (p1), the supportive media (p2) and the delivery of these (p3). The value of a presentation is the product of these three factors, the p cubed value.

The three components are discussed in more depth in their individual sections. This section deals with the p cubed value, the product of preparation, design, and delivery.

Some key posts include:

Your presentation is the product of its parts (The FIRST blog post)

The maths of a better presentation

Don’t put the cart before the horse

The p cubed value of a presentation

The Greatest Presentation in the World (tribute)

As titles of talks go, that is something to live up to. I was privileged to speak recently at a big conference and THAT was the title of the talk they asked me to give; no pressure eh? The reality…
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It’s not about you

The value of a presentation is NOT what you thought it was. Too often a speaker leaves the stage disappointed in their work, upset that a section hadn’t gone as well as planned, that a previous rehearsal had been better,…
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Which part of your preparation took the most time?

A great presentation takes time. None of them fall from the heavens perfectly constructed and no great presenter steps on the stage having just written their piece last night. So which part of preparation took the most time in your…
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200 and counting!

This post marks the 200th in a series of little comments on #presentationskills . I started the blog in March 2013 and the current number of hits is over 120,000. Thank you for your interest!The most popular posts are listed…
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Presentation wisdom from Winnie the Pooh

My dear friend @nicolegugger is very wise. She recently wrote this blogpost on the presentation insights from Winnie the Pooh. If your German is up to it, I strongly commend the original over at http://www.nicolegugger.de/blog/2015/winnie-the-pooh-weisheiten/If your German isn’t so good, please forswear…
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If you are going for an important interview would you just put on any old clothes? If you are going on a first date would you just wander straight from work without considering your make up? Your parents are coming…
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On speaking to a wider audience. Do

There is increasing recognition that a presentation delivered is not solely for the value of the audience present. Clearly, if the message has value, it should move from the auditorium into wider circulation. The aim of a presentation is to…
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This is a document. I am reading it. Out.

If you turn on the radio, you can tell immediately whether the piece is a news broadcast or an interview or the presenter speaking directly to you. The reason is that we speak differently to the way we write. One…
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I’ve SEEN things you people wouldn’t believe..

The first post on this blogsite was 15/iii/2013. This week the hit count passed 100,000. I know about half of those are my Dad but thank you to the rest of you for your interest over the years. It has…
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What makes a great presentation?

I recently saw a tweet from someone at a conference with a picture of a frankly horrible slide accompanied by the tagline, “X just gave a great presentation.” Have you ever wondered what makes a “great” presentation? There are presentations…
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