So, I was wrong.

I’ve got a confession. I was wrong. I don’t think you lot are up to it.

The best way to construct a presentation is to construct a story (p1), storyboard that idea and then consider supporting media for that story. Everyone ignores me. They sit down, open up their computer and put the whole thing straight into powerpoint. THEN they ask how they can make things better. I’ve explained over and over again why that doesn’t work; the problem is mine I have failed. The reason I have failed is unclear but is partly due to the complete volte face that is required, the years of doing it the bad way and the difficulty in approaching something stressful in a different way.

SO, if you can’t abandon your dependency and insist on constructing “Powerpoints” then please, just for me, consider reducing dramatically the words on your slides, add decent images NEVER clip art and practice more than two times. IF you do that, really do all that, and then reflect on honest feedback you receive, I am convinced you will notice the improvement and having listened to yourself three times then you will consider making the bigger and more effective change to starting with the laptop closed and just a piece of paper and pen.

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