Can I have a…erm…medium..err

I was standing in the queue at a franchised coffee outlet and noticed the various people in front of me make their orders. “Can I have a…erm…medium..err,” said the first man as he looked up at the menu board behind the barrista. He focussed, staring at the board, “Can I have. A medium. Americano. Please?”

I’d hate to give the impression that all I think about every day is presentations but it struck me how, even knowing the facts (p1) of his choice of beverage, when facing his “audience” he reverted to reading his script and even in something as simple as ordering a coffee, he stumbled. Moreover, his delivery (p3) was incredibly stilted simply because he was reading, even whilst trying not to.

You know your facts, your delivery WILL be stilted if you have script or notes nearby so leave them behind, step boldly up to the front and tell them what you want.

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