Acronyms rarely seem effective.

There are many effective and helpful tricks to maximising the impact of a presentation including the use of memes, themes, aliteration, analogy, allegory, rhetoric and repetition. Accronyms are a regularly used device but for them to be effective they must be memorable and appropropriate. Or better still, inappropriate. Accronyms rarely seem effective.

Nmemonics are learning techniques that aid learning retention by visual clues or tools from which complex knowledge can be rebuilt. Accronyms are verbal nmemonics and provide (usually) the first letter of a list of words. To decode the accronym requires usually an understanding of the topic, the words cannot simply appear random. NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and describes the organisation of countries around the North Atlantic who by a treaty have agreed an accord of military solidarity. Often The NA and O are remembered and the Treaty can be difficult to remember.

An accronym is best deconstructed from a key word within the topic but requires its constituent parts to be easily found as constituent part of the topic and ideally without being forced. It must work and convey the message, memorably. Check out the title.


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