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A scientific presentation at BBTS Conference

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Think of the best scientific presentation you have watched. It captured your interest as soon as it began, asked a question pertinent to your specific needs and proceeded to succinctly answer that question leaving you with a purpose to change…
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er…thank you?

A sentence without the final word is. A journey without reaching the destination is just tiring. Sadly many presentations simply reach a point where the presenter says, “thank you” and it is assumed that the suffering is over. Every presentation…
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Covering The Reichstag

covering the reichstag

There is little guaranteed to strike more emotion in an employee than the words, “mandatory training”. Imagine being the person delivering it? Simply take all 249 facts in the guideline and read it out, in slightly more time than is…
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200 and counting!

This post marks the 200th in a series of little comments on #presentationskills . I started the blog in March 2013 and the current number of hits is over 120,000. Thank you for your interest!The most popular posts are listed…
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Design nightmare

Designers are clever folk and too often abused. I mean look at this from Critical Care Conference 2016. Imagine the time and effort and skill that has gone into this? It’s bright and dynamic and through the complexity some structure…
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What makes a great presentation?

I recently saw a tweet from someone at a conference with a picture of a frankly horrible slide accompanied by the tagline, “X just gave a great presentation.” Have you ever wondered what makes a “great” presentation? There are presentations…
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The best title slide blogpost, ever (i)

The title of your presentation must stimulate interest even before you start speaking. If the title slide is full of words and useless information it is likely you will have lost the audience at that point. A great presentation has…
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What is the optimum number of slides in a presentation?

Whats the optimum number of minutes per slide and words per slide for a presentation? @ffolliet I’ve always used 1 min/slide and 4-6 x 4-6. — David Warriner (@doctordiscodave) December 11, 2015 None. No slides. So no words.There is no…
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Performance anxiety

My recent trip to a scientific conference allowed me to muse on many things including presentation skills. Most disappointing was not the standard of presentations constructed but the issues of poor delivery (p3) It is not enough to have a…
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That’s a paper, not a slide

As conference season gets into full swing more and more presenters are showing audiences that their thoughts are built upon previous work. That is often very important. What is not necessary is to show a screenshot of that journal article….
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