A slideument is the bastard child of a document and slideset used as a script and frequently printed as a handout.

Could you send me your presentation please?

send presentation

A simple question that belies a lack of understanding of the value of a presentation. “Could you email me your presentation please?” A presentation is the product of the story (p1), the media (p2) and its delivery (p3). A presentation…
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Lists only work for shopping

lists only work for shopping

If your p2 is a list You will read it like a list Your audience will read it like a list Everything assumes the same importance Despite the structure on the slides And that is entirely forgettable And boring.  …
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Cognitive load

cognitive load

Can you count to ten? Can you pat your head? Can you rub your tummy? Can you read? Of course you can. So, do each of these simple task right now, together. Or at least try. Come on! They are simple tasks….
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Slideument – obvious or oblivious

As  a medical educator (of sorts) I have been following the #AMEE2016 feed with interest and some sadness. An International Association for Medical Education is meeting in Barcelona to share ideas and inspire educators. There are so many great ideas but…
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How to use a bulletpoint…

Professor John Ioanidis from Stanford University spoke at The Cochrane Colloquia in Vienna yesterday. His opinion on systematic reviews in biomedical research is that they are unreliable. I know this because I searched on Twitter using this string ” John Ioannidis…
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Seven Deadly Sin of Presentations

No matter how amazing your research is, how life changing your story was, how impressive your business case is, if you commit any of the following deadly sins in the construction and delivery of your presentation it will not received…
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Performance anxiety

My recent trip to a scientific conference allowed me to muse on many things including presentation skills. Most disappointing was not the standard of presentations constructed but the issues of poor delivery (p3) It is not enough to have a…
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Don’t get me wrong.

The reason that most text based presentations suck is because science. It would be wrong to assume that this means text is banned from presentations, far from it. It is totally acceptable to use text in the supportive media (p2)….
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Chicken or egg? Both are wrong

I recently had the privilige of being interviewed by Jesse Spurr for his Injectable Orange podcast. One of topics we chatted about was the ‘ole standard of “why do we have text in presentations?” There is a degree of chicken…
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Patronising your audience

patronise your audience

The scientific literature is clear regarding the many proven behavioural flaws in the nature of a standard “powerpoint” delivery. My “Presentations Skills” presentation has expanded to cover more of the evidence behind what many understand implicitly. Something I fail to…
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