Prepare for failure

SO, the Chair has introduced you and you stride up to the stage, there’s a flicker behind you and your title slide appears on the 20m high screen. You press the remote and everything goes black, for a second then all that appears on the screen is fuzzy lines. How you respond reflects how you have prepared. Have you prepared for failure?

The real difficulty for many presenters is that the p2 represents their script. Such a presentation is dead in the water. For some the p2 may not be completely the script but at least it marks the steps in the presentation without which the presentation cannot progress. For some presenters the media is there to support their p1 and whilst it is a disappointment for it not to be there, they will turn to the audience, smile nervously and say, “Sorry, where was I?” 

If you haven’t prepared for this sort of technical failure, it is highly likely you will not cope well. A well constructed p1, repeated and effective practise and a confidence in your presentation as a whole are all you need. Except a deep breath. 

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