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Patronising your audience

patronise your audience

The scientific literature is clear regarding the many proven behavioural flaws in the nature of a standard “powerpoint” delivery. My “Presentations Skills” presentation has expanded to cover more of the evidence behind what many understand implicitly. Something I fail to…
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Read these.

33 blog posts, about 80 page views a day and over 6500 total views suggest that some folk are interested in what is being written about here. It is a huge disappointment that there has been no discussion raised yet and actually…
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scientific bulletpoints

There is a feeling that a presentation can’t be “scientific” unless it has bulletpoints, that transfer of information requires a list of facts on the board and that these should be worked through in order. There is no justification for…
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Download complete?

In considering the audience and what they expect from a speaker, too often the implicit understanding of the purpose of the presentation is of an information download. This directly affects the construction of the presentation with the speaker attempting to…
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One change for dramatic improvement. (you won’t do it!)

I’m rather hoping that frequent visitors to the blog will have taken to heart some of the important concepts of presentation. Perhaps my deepest insight has been the p3 concept. The success in delivering the message of “the presentation” can be…
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Don’t put the cart before the horse.

To develop presentations, one must move away from the concept of looking at the text on a slide and asking how can this be improved by reduction and illustration. This is putting the horse before the cart. Change will only come…
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Welcome to the 21st Century

Holding the door for a lady, dial up internet access, travellers’ cheques and a limited number of slides in your deck are definitely remnants of times past. Some of the behaviour of the 20th Century however still persists in 2013…
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If I could make just ONE change to improve, what should it be?

It’s clear that when a speaker steps off stage having giving an excellent presentation that a lot of work has gone into the finished article. Whether that is a business case to 5 people or oration to thousands, it takes…
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