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There is a lot more going on here than meets the eye. Please feel free to surf around and explore.   There are Guest Posts from folks who have changed their presentation styles and want to share their experiences, particularly…
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frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions are a good way of gaining understanding about a topic. The site was originally a series of blog posts but over time and with discussion it has evolved into a presentation skills resource. Listed below are some…
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don’t look back

don't look back

Don’t look back at your slides on the screen behind you, everyone else will. Face the audience for as much time as possible. Depending on the setup there may be a “comfort monitor” in front of the stage morroring the…
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The Gettysburg Address

gettysburg address

The Gettysburg Address was delivered at the dedication of the¬†Soldiers’ National Cemetery in¬†Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, in memory of the fallen soldiers from the pivotal and bloody civil war battle fought there some four months earlier. The speech had been planned for…
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type not font

type not font

Type not font influences the reception of a message. I’m grateful to my friend Bob Connelly for this guest post where he shares some ideas on the use of type in supportive media. Importantly this is about type, not font….
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Good analogy- guest post

good analogy

A good analogy can make or break a presentation. It’s always a pleasure to share thoughts and ideas from other presenters on the site. I was pleased to receive this guest from Simon McCormick giving some of his thoughts around…
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Where do I start to improve presentations?

baby steps

To improve your presentations is a challenge but now you’ve visited the website this is the beginning of your journey. Your presentations are going to change and from now on you will never view a presentation in the same way….
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presentation buddy- have you got one?

presentation buddy

Scuba divers have one, sky divers have one, do you have a presentation buddy? There’s no two ways about it, presentations can be as scary and perceived as life threatening as both those extreme sports. To reduce the dangers, add…
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sans comic sans

Life is better sans comic sans. Fontography is a huge topic in itself. As a presenter one needs to understand that fonts “say” something and that influences the reception of a message whether that is intentional or otherwise. Comic sans…
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Least important part of any presentation

least important

The p2, the supportive media, is the least important part of a presentation. It will not destroy a great story p1 or sink an excellent delivery p3. However good it can never resurrect a poor story or save a terrible…
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