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Hysteron proteron

hysteron proteron

Hysteron proteron is a figure of speech, probably inherited from the Greeks, where the object that should come second is put in first place; “to put the horse before the cart.” Another example would be preparing the supportive media (p2) for a…
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Effective communication

The purpose of a presentation is effective communication. Effective communication is not recitation of a list of facts. Effective communication is about a message. That message is only effective from the perspective of the audience. Effective communication is about converting…
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Don’t look at the screen

don't look at the screen

The screen is for the audience, not for the presenter. A presenter staring at the screen will cause the audience to do the same, their speech is potentially muted and in combination this will lose the engagement of the audience. The reasons a…
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Thank you for your excellent presentation (again)

Recently I suffered a truly execrable presentation: there was absolutely no direction or purpose in the p1, the supportive media p2 was disastrous in chaos and complexity and the delivery p3 was entirely turned towards to the screen, reading out…
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Practise is not just repetition

not just repetition

It is humbling to see the p cubed ideas being taken up and shared by others. A recent blogpost by a twitter friend Shane Gryzko reiterates a valuable point: there is more to a practise than simply repetition. Practise needs to be…
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Plug and go (2)

plug and go

“I’m sorry, I don’t know. John usually sorts that. He’s not here today.” And that was where the trouble really began… At most presentations the speaker arrives, checks in with John in IT and everything works beautifully from there. (Pro…
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Plug and go (1)

plug and play

Some presenters expect to turn up for their big presentation, plug and go. Many are disappointed. Being prepared for plug and go problems will cut your tension at a time when you need it the least. Always arrive early, meet…
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Can you see this at the back?

can you see this at the back

The p2 is usually constructed on a laptop or desktop computer where the final slide size often fills the screen. The size of font is reduced as more and more detail is added. What may appear clear and legible on…
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Resting face

resting face

Human beings are social animals. Exceptionally subtle changes in facial expression can convey huge amounts of information. Fights and love affairs have turned on the tiniest of eye movements, deals have been lost because of perceived slurs in the twitch of…
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Body language – hands

body language hand

Once a presenter steps out from behind the lectern there are a whole lots of issues that need to be addressed related to body language. Moving about the stage needs to be purposeful and choreographed. Hands that previously gripped the…
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