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Thank you!

thank you

I was recently working with a colleague who had developed an excellent presentation. The final slide was incongruous. It had a beautiful image with the words “Thank you” on it. Your last slide should be the defining image, lasting message and…
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Lessons from The Sensei (4) creativity

creativity lesson

In the 4th of a series of Lessons I learned from a presentation by Garr Reynolds (my Sensei) I’d like to consider creativity in presentations. Delivering a presentation is more than reading a list of facts. Changing the facts into…
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It all about the delivery

all about delivery

The best story in the world p1, supported by the most amazing media p2 is nothing if the delivery fails. This is the fear of every performer whether they are a presenter or one of the biggest rock stars in…
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Why do we present like this? (podcast)

why do we present like this

Why do people present the way they do? There are a multitude of reasons and yet the reasons we dislike presentations don’t stop the majority of people producing exactly the same. What are the problems and how can we change?

Guest post on vegemite and presentations

In  the next in an ever increasing group of guest posts is a piece from Cian McDermott a friend and collaborator working in Melbourne, Australia. Cian has taken up the challenge of improving his presentation and gives his view on the…
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Meanwhile, over at St Emlyn’s…

It is a pleasure to be a Visiting Professor at the virtual hospital of St Emlyn’s situated in the teeming metropolis that is Virchester. The “hospital” has some of the most eminent, hard working and caring professionals it has been my pleasure…
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Lessons from The Sensei (2) Turn off the computer

turn off the computer

Continuing the series of thoughts I learned from The Sensei on design issues, perhaps the most important is to turn off the computer. The rationale behind this is clear, the results are immediately observable and yet few people will follow…
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Making p cubed stick

make it stick

It is always encouraging to hear how others have considered improving their #presentationskills and the results of their work. I’m grateful to Patrick Bafuma @EMinfocus who submitted this guest blog. It is insightful, encouraging and inspiring.     Making P3…
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Why are you presenting?

The most important question a presenter should address is “Why am I presenting?” The answer has nothing to do with your status, your previous presentations or your knowledge and everything to do with the audience. Recognising this is central to…
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What is the best presentation software?

What is the best presentation software? There’s a fair number to chose from and realistically the answer is, the one you know best. There are pros and cons for each that are available but there is no need for the…
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